We Finally Know What Causes Childhood Leukemia — And How To Prevent It

The cause of the most common type of childhood cancer has been a century-long debate among those in the medical community. Now, thanks to the work of Prof. Mel Greaves, of the Institute of Cancer Research in London, the mystery is at its end. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) affects 1 in 2,000 children. Ironically, it’s…

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Diet as Lifestyle

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Diet as Lifestyle   Two of the most crucial lifestyle elements are diet and exercise. We must face this truth early on if we are to have any chance of fighting any chronic illness: If you want a permanent victory, you must cut all carbohydrates out of the diet. In spite of the conflicting reports…

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Fluorescent Lights, Microwaves and Alcohol

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Fluorescent Lights, Microwaves and Alcohol   Fluorescent Lights   Fluorescent lights are not good for us because they are not comprised of a natural spectrum of light. The light is bluer, and the frequencies of light are not balanced. On top of that, fluorescent light is not continuous light; it flickers at a rate of…

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Exercise   Exercise is vital, as our bodies are designed to move. Exercise is NOT optional. Our bodies were designed to move… well, every day, and many times. It is a ridiculous concept to say that our bodies are made to move about … three times a week?   If you consider the above concept,…

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A Few Food Facts

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A Few Food Facts   Concentrated Carbohydrates   Believe it or not, the amount of carbohydrates required by humans for health is ….. zero. This is the overwhelming consensus of scientific wisdom today. Proteins and fat are essential to life, but carbs are not.   Our body systems are well built. We do not need…

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Eating Well and Losing Weight

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Eating Well and Losing Weight     The number of people who are diet and weight illiterate is staggering, even among highly educated individuals. To make matters worse, this degree of ignorance and confusion is intentionally and carefully maintained and perpetuated by the media and commercial interests.   Libraries full of books have been written…

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Bottles and Fluoride

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Bottles and Fluoride   Plastic Bottles   These days, plastic is the most widely used packing material. It is inexpensive and moldable, light and economic. However, this common material has a very dark side. Not only do plastics harm our environment, but they can harm human beings in a much more direct way than you…

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Sugar and Smoking

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Leaving Bad Habits Behind: Sugar and Smoking   We live in a world caught up in a wide variety of addictions. Millions suffer from addiction to drugs, alcohol, and smoking, but there are also those who are addicted to other things, like television, food or sugar. Everything we do can turn into a habit or…

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Suggestions for a Good Sleep

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13 Suggestions for a Good Sleep… and 13 Backups   Sleep in complete darkness. Even a very little amount of light can disrupt sleep by affecting the capacity of melatonin secretion of the pineal gland. This includes light that reaches any part of the body, as it does not have to reach the eyes in order…

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The Importance of Food

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The Importance of Food   Beginning the day with healthy food is essential for a quality, healthy life. Breakfast refers to a breaking in our overnight fast, and it is crucially important. After sleep, as your body awakens, it needs energy to start working. In the morning, your body wants to be fed and energized.…

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Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids Deficiencies

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Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids Deficiencies About the “Miraculous Three”: Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids   Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (AA) keep us alive. They are essential to life, and missing even one of them creates a domino effect in our bodies that can result in the worst consequences. The “miraculous three,” as I…

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Water, Lemon Water, and Other Drinks

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Water, Lemon Water, and Other Drinks   Water is essential for our existence and well-being. We are all made of water in a very high proportion, about 70 percent. Thus, we should pay close attention to water intake; it is one of the crucial elements of great health. Body water has to be replenished. Think…

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Tips For Weight Loss

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Tips for Weight Loss We live in a Western culture, which is obsessed with food, snacks, and drinks. These are everywhere we look, from our street sides to our vending machines to even our routine stops for gas. We live in a society of Big Gulps, Super-Sizing it, and Extra Value Meals, always seeking more…

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You Can’t Be REALLY Healthy If You Don’t:

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You Can’t Be REALLY Healthy If You Don’t:   Breathe clean air.   Sleep 8 hours a night.   Eat only natural, mostly raw, not man-made or man-altered food.   Drink only water and plenty of it.   Eat little, mostly plants, and fast often.   Exercise regularly.   Detoxify the body.   Quit smoking,…

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