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A Very Limited Opportunity 

What is it the condition that you need help with? Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, any condition deemed "incurable"?

Maybe you have intractable fatigue or depression, maybe you can't eat or sleep or are in wheelchair. You tried this, and you tried that, you bought this course, you bought this supplement, you've done all you know, you've listened to all these people on the internet and you are not any better than when you started with.

That's when you need to talk to someone like me one-on-one to get your specific answers. This is why I created the coaching program and here's how it works:

Once you sign up for this program the first thing I'm going to do for you is this:

  • I'm going to send you the papers to fill out so we know more information about you.
  • Then we're going to set up a call where we can talk one on one to find out exactly what's going on with you.
  • The what we're going to to is a full assesement mode: labwork, imaging, testing, evaluation, monitoring and much more.
  • Then we will fully discuss your condition, where you are, your health status, what options you have and the pros and cons for each option so that you know better which one is your best option to choose.
  • Then will go into supervised full treatment mode. Will try different options, will asses, get feedback and proceed further towards recovery.
  • It is important to be assesed and treated personally and individually by a doctor and not be just looked at as just another case, just another number.

How is this different? This is like having your own private doctor at your disposal. The difference is because this is hands on, this is my time, this is me personally, taking my time to help you get where you want to be with your health no matter where you are right now.

Health Problems? Confused?

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Before you can truly enjoy the benefits of a great life, you must set a firm foundation. It all starts with a foundation of great health! However, great health just doesn't happen randomly and doesn’t come automatically. You have to constantly and consistently WORK for it. You must be interested, proactive, and open-minded. Most successful individuals are in great health, however, when health is gone, success quickly fades or takes a back seat.

Reinvent Yourself With One-On-One Private Coaching With Dr. Pop

The One-on-One, Private Health Coaching with Dr. Pop personally, is a limited availability, Elite Health Coaching for the Open-Minded Individual.

The Good News Today Is That You Can Get Your Hands On This...

Introducing "The Ultimate Health Coaching Program"

Are you ready to commit to great health and stop producing fewer results than you are capable of?

Are you ready to put a stop to the wheel of health confusion, procrastination, and indecision for good!

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For a Limited Time Dr. Pop Offers His Twelve-Week Elite Health Program Which Will:

  • guide you in creating goals for each major area of your health, then help you break those goals into actionable, manageable steps
  • help you focus on building the best health-promoting lifestyle habits you are capable of, considering your particular health problems and the unique life situations you are dealing with
  • provide a weekly, high-accountability process to keep you on track
  • provide you with detailed feedback on what’s working, what’s not working, and ways to correct and continue making progress toward your goals.
  • deliver results and satisfaction for a lifetime

Dr. Pop's One-On-One Private Health Coaching

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Very Limited Availability! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Can I Access This?

    This is a VERY limited opportunity.  

  • Is This For Everyone?

    Absolutely NOT! This is for a special kind of individual. 

  • Are There Other Programs?

    Yes! The group or private program with a certified Coach. 

  • Do I Need To Apply?

    Yes! There is an Application Process! Please read the Terms and Conditions.


  • How Long is the Program?

    This is a twelve week program. You will connect weekly for 30-60 minutes.

  • What Is The Cost?

    Private One-one-One for twelve weeks  with Dr. Pop is $10,000. 

  • Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

    There is a 30 day guarantee, a waiting and chilling time and a pro-rated money back guarantee based on a 12 weekly program. Certain conditions apply!  

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