Attention All Health Coaches: 

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Dr. Calin V. Pop, M.D., medical doctor, speaker, author, and researcher finally agrees to release and train his NEW DIABETES REVERSAL PROGRAM to health coaches JUST LIKE YOU! 

Help Your Clients Reverse Their Diabetes
In Tree Months or Less
Without Medication, Surgery, Illegal Stimulants, or Strange Diets!

  • Never STRUGGLE again to find and keep YOUR clients. Finally be appreciated for what you know!
    Will help you explode your business! 
    With this NEW Transformational Formula you can make a difference
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  • Is it easy or difficult to find new clients? Is it easy for clients to see value in what you do?
    Do you find it easy to charge what you really deserve for your coaching?
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  • Do you feel you don't make the impact you expect on your clients?
    Do you feel appreciated for your true value?
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  • Can you coach without my help?   Yes, but you don't have a system, tools, resources and support
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  • Do you have a S.Y.S.T.E.M. that is proven to work? Do you have resources , tools sorted out? Do you have support and guidance when you get stuck? Do you have measurement tools, protocols, lists and handouts ready to be handed out?
    Let Me Help You!
  • Do you know how to promote and advertise? Do you really know how to go online and enroll new clients?

Let Me Help You!

Start Getting Customers & Boosting Your Business TODAY!

Become A Lifeline Method For Diabetes Certified Coach!
Learn How To Find, Coach and Transform The Health of Diabetic Clients While Making It 

A  VERY  Successful  Business

But, … You Might Be Thinking...
Who Are You And Why Should I Listen To You?

My name is Dr. Calin V. Pop M.D. and I am a professional medical doctor, meaning I treat real-life patients every day, and a speaker, author, and researcher.

I am the founder and president of Unique Health Solutions, a medical center combining traditional medicine with the most cutting edge alternative, complementary and self-improvement techniques.

•   I’m a Real, Licensed, Internal Medicine Medical Doctor with over 30 years hands-on experience
•   Author of many popular health books including “Dr. Pop’s Secrets of Diabetes – What Your Doctor Never Told You
•   I Helped Thousands Improve and Reverse Diabetes
•   I Have Extensive Hospital Experience

•   I Am an Expert in Conventional and Unconventional Medicine
•   Expert Nutritional Supplement Designer and Anti-Aging Doctor
•   Always searching for the out-of-the box, hidden solutions that nobody knows about
•   I am an author of at least 10 original books on healthcare subjects
•   I am a Contributing Author The Life Extension Textbook for Disease Prevention and Treatment

I have successfully treated thousands of individuals over the last 30 years and have hands-on, practical experience in the medical field, having a deep passion for helping and transforming people’s lives through medicinal science.  

  • The Good News Is... The Stories Are True
    There ARE thousands of Health Coaches, dietitians, counselors or Trainers
    Who earn multiple 5 and even 6 figures... without expensive ad budgets.
  • ... and without complicated sales funnels.

However, that’s also bad news...because "good money" attracts thousands of sharks to the chum.
And if you know anything about the "80/20 Rule"… of the teeming hordes trying to muscle into this territory... 
Only a chosen few will rise to the top - while the vast majority become roadkill after just a few months of costly frustration.

So why are just a handful of Health Coaches, Dieticians, Counselors or Trainers really successful? ...while the rest struggle? It’s actually very simple: You see for years I struggled to build a successful business. The problem was, no one taught me the right S.Y.S.T.E.M....even after I had paid them over $100,000 of my hard-earned cash.
Because think about it...w
ithout streamlined, repeatable, predictable SYSTEMS... and without a proven, air-tight S.Y.S.T.E.M. for traffic, opt-ins, lead magnets, and conversions  ...
you absolutely SHOULD NOT venture alone into this jungle.

On the other hand, a multiple 5 or 6-figure income sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
And SOMEONE has to haul in that cash!
Why Not You?

Especially when I can teach you a proven S.Y.S.T.E.M. that can rescue struggling Health Coaches, Dietitians,
Counselors or Trainers from financial fear and uncertainty.


So have no fear, the Lifeline Method is here!

If you want to avoid being roadkill on the side of the health coaching road... (especially in the coming storm)
...and add a zero to your monthly income without the stress, hassle or overwhelm ...

Become a Lifeline Method Certified Health Coach!

Let me teach you how you can make a difference and be extremely successful coaching and helping diabetic clients!
Claim your Lifeline Method certification program now by clicking on the link below!


Why this program? Because even when a diabetic knows exactly what needs to be done, there is often no commitment or consistent action to reach the goals. This lack of accountability is a habit, and it will be a constant roadblock to any health success unless it’s eradicated and replaced by new, productive habits.

This is where YOU come to help them!

Each year, millions of diabetics  set health goals for themselves, but millions of those goals go unmet when people become sick, suffer, and even die. Why?
Well, there are basically two reasons:

  • They don’t know what they don’t know (which you can help)
  • They don’t have the right guidance, systems and accountability (which you can help too)

You Might Ask ... Why Diabetes?

                                     • Impressive market size, great need
                                     • 100 million in the USA (CDC Report)
                                     • 55% of adults in California have either diabetes or prediabetes 
                                     • A huge untapped market (1 in 2 Americans  - Per CDC)
                                     • Misunderstood and incorrectly treated condition
                                     • Underdiagnosed and Undertreated
                                     • Treated late by doctors: Huge Opportunity for YOU
                                     • Doctors generally don’t treat unless late and severe
                                     • When they treat, it is often skimpy

                                     • They rarely they use diet, coaching and natural ways
                                     • It is a huge untapped market segment ready for you to enter.

                                     • Individuals, groups, corporate, associations…you have it all!
                                     • Use breakthrough concepts and ideas as shown in Dr. Pop’s book

"The Secrets of Diabetes"


Why Pre-Diabetes Need Coaching?

Because serious damages happen during pre-diabetes
By the time diabetes happens, patients already HAVE under-the-radar complications:
                 Kidney impairment
                 Vision Loss
dr pop md medicine diabetes 44
dr pop md medicine diabetes 343

Why Diabetes Education?

•  High Blood Sugar is the big problem
•  Confusing guidelines and concepts
•  Diet and Lifestyle are the Cause and the ONLY solution
•  Health Coaching is ESSENTIAL
•  The main problem is high blood sugar
•  Glucose is a soft killer
•  Education and coaching are key
•  Present concepts are obsolete

Effects of Even Slightly Elevated Glucose is Deadly

Old ranges are obsolete. New glucose ranges are…less than 86 mg/dL. The lower the better!
If someone has diabetes, they almost certainly already have heart disease.
Because the medical community has failed to wake up to the life-shortening impact of pre-diabetes it is up to individuals and their coaches to take charge and make adjustments.
These individuals need YOUR coaching and expert guidance.
dr pop md medicine diabetes 55
dr pop md medicine diabetes 159

Why Detect and Reverse Diabetes?

  •  Kills one person every 8 seconds
  •  Kills over 230,000 people each year
  •  Leading cause of Blindness
  •  Leading cause of Heart Disease
  •  Leading cause of Amputations
  •  Risk of Dying 10-15 years earlier
  •  6x risk of heart attacks
  •  3x risk of fatal stroke
  •  4x risk of heart failure
  •  400x risk of losing a leg

So...  What Exactly Is Dr. Pop's Lifeline Method for DIABETES?

                         It Is a SMART SYSTEM
To Help Your Clients Reverse Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
Without Medications In Three Months or Less

Imagine...   Having Great Success Coaching Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics!
I will teach you how and support you all the way!

“I noticed a remarkable difference. My young people can’t keep up with me. I am a pastor. I work 60 hrs a week and I have more energy than a 30 year old!”

– Dave G.

“I have experienced remarkable benefits personally with energy and vitality, and I have taken supplements of all kinds for nearly 20 years. Yours have produced incredible results for me with my exercise, daily energy and mental sharpness.”

– Andy C.

“We are moving all the time but feel calm and centered. We now accomplish more… We were sluggish but now we are improved and full of good energy. Our memory is better and sharper.”

– Anita F.

“Since I take the supplement I never had a problem. I am never sluggish and my staff can’t keep up with me. I move all the time and I am very energetic ever since. Most of my elders who advise me tell me to slow down!”

– David G.

“There are very few products in my life that I liked like Power Source One!”

– James D.

“My wife and I have literally Never felt better, and we have used a lot of different supplements and “super food” products from all of the MLMs and many natural food distributors. These are truly unique.”

– Andrew C

“I get all my energy from this, I feel 20 years younger” 

 Robert P

“I can’t believe the difference that I feel.”  

Elizabeth A

“They are excellent.  They really make a difference I sleep better and have better energy throughout the day.”

 Robert P

“I felt horrible every morning and now I am fine.  People are noticing how much a difference those vitamins are making.  I felt like doing dives.”

Valerie W

”I was dragging and now I feel better than I have in a long time.” 

Elsie A

“I ran out of supplements and I could tell the difference.  Those are really good”  

Sharon G

“I love them.  I noticed a difference in 3 days, I don’t know how to explain it, I just feel better, more energetic.”

Bernice S

“I like it a lot! When I run out I can really tell… I get wound down with no energy when not taking it. It is a sustainer for my life!”

Jane S

“There is very few products in my life that I liked like yours”

James D.

“I feel great taking these vitamins. I am a person who has difficulty waking up and getting motivated, and since I started these, I am actually getting out of bed easier in the morning and not feeling like I need that afternoon nap.”

  1. Gordon

“These vitamins are a dream come through… I have so much energy that comes out of nowhere. I was very surprised”

Yolanda M


“Finally, I don’t feel dead! I am very, very pleased with Power source One. This is the best I have felt energy wise in years! Needless to say I am very impressed!”

John R.

So, What Do You Do?
You Educate, Coach, Guide and Inspire!
You don’t let open minded people become a victim of physician ignorance and the inadequacies of mainstream medicine!

If This Is Your Calling …You Just Found The Right Place!
I’m Looking To Expand My Reach and My Legacy Even Further Than Ever Before And I Am Looking For
Health Coaches… Marketing Partners…Founders!

These Initial Founders I Will Work With To Help Them Succeed And Create Great Health Coaching Businesses.


Yes, being a health coach requires commitment and some learning, and has it’s challenges, however, it could be a very rewarding career path for you. You will learn to implement a lucrative
Twelve-Week Lifeline Method For Diabetes Health Coaching Program
which will guide, motivate, and hold clients accountable to their goals, aiming to reverse diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Don't Wait! Apply Now!


What Is Waiting For You


A clear plan for business success, ongoing  consultations and feedback.


You can ask questions and receive answers, advice, and valuable feedback.


Discuss your particular business milestones, goals and expectations.

People Desperately Need What You Will Have To Offer!
This is where YOU can make a big difference! 
Get Certified!


How Do You Do It? Well... This Is Where I Come In!  You see, I figured out ALL the steps so you don’t have to!
I Created A Revolutionary Step By Step Method for Health Coaches on How To Reverse Diabetes and Prediabetes!
I learned the hard way so you can learn quick!
The System Is Ready for You!
“How would you like to tap into a SYSTEM that works, that is already created and done for you, together with all the Support, Tools and Resources?"
All You Have to Do Is ...

Are You Ready?

To make a meaningful change in your life and business you really need a system
The Good News Is.... This Is Where I Can Totally Help You. The Basic Concept Is Simple. Once You Learn It You Can Apply It Over and Over Again


You will have a 100% NEW and COMPLETE SYSTEM for you to use and run your new business with it


I Will Give You:
A Complete Coaching System:  The Lifeline Method For Diabetes
ALL the Tools and Resources you need and...
ALL the Training and Support you need

What Exactly You'll Receive

  • Books
  • E Books
  • New Ideas
  • Guidelines
  • Training
  • Handouts
  • Plans
  • Strategies
  • Products
  • Charts
  • Materials
  • Checklists
  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Solutions
  • Concepts
  • Samples
  • Support

What Else Will You Receive?

  • Sample Ads
  • Marketing Materials
  • Places To Advertise
  • Ideas for Joint Ventures
  • Getting Your First Meeting Up
  • Motivational Materials for Clients
  • Proprietary Nutritional Supplements

My Goal For You Is:
To Make Your Coaching Successful, As Quickly As Possible!
Your Success Is My Success!

You Will Have You Need!

What Is Your Client Signing Up For?

•  12 Weekly Call-In Conferences With You
•  A Course Manual, Book, Workbook
•  All the Correct Principles, Processes, Tools
•  All The Resources and Support
•  Diabetes Laboratory Testing Before and After
•  A Proprietary Diabetes Health Index

•  Very Special Proprietary Nutritional Supplements for Diabetes

How Does This Work?

After You Get Certified You Simply Market The System As Group or Private Coaching For Diabetes
You Charge For It and Make Money For Every Client You Enroll!
Are You Limited To Your Local Area?Absolutely NOT!
For Every Client You Can Make $1-2,000... and More!
You CAN charge much more for Private Coaching
Then you can charge for maintenance programs should you wish to.

You ONLY need 1-3 clients a year to break even!


Imagine having just 50 clients combined! Or 100! …Or 200!
On a conference call there is no difference on how many clients you can have!
I Can Teach You How To Market The System Online
There is NO LIMIT on how many clients you can have on a weekly conference call from…ANYWHERE!
You can combine local and long distance any way it suits you.
I Have Already Done All The Work For You!
  • I wrote a revolutionary book about Diabetes containing Brand New ConceptsI built the training course for you
  • I built the course guideline you will deliver

  • I set up VERY competitive laboratory testing across the country

  • I set up proprietary, high quality nutritional supplements for diabetes

What Do You Need To Do First?
You Need To Become a Lifeline Method CERTIFIED Health Coach!

You need to know all the details, knowledge and have all the tools

Why Certification? Because You Need SERIOUS  TRAINING!

The TWO DAYS Certification Training Course Will:
Teach You Step by Step, What to Do and Say Each Time You Talk to Clients
You Can Ask Questions and Gain Confidence and Experience

You Will Be Certified and Know What To Do in Any Situation!

In The Two Days Certification Course You Will Learn

How To Lead and Present A 12 Week “Reverse Your Diabetes” Program to Your Clients
How to Set Up a Week by Week Curriculum
What to Do and What to Say Each Week
Become familiar with the MANUAL you will be teaching from
How to Use Resources and Tools
How to Support Your Clients

What Will You Receive?

A Two Day Certification Course (Good for One Year)          Value $ 3,997.00

(The Certification Will Be Live Online For The Near Future)
What ELSE Do You Receive When You Sign Up Today?


Get Instant Access To These Amazing Bonus Gifts
$9,000.00 Value Yours Today!

BONUS #1: Printed Materials and Manuals for You and Your Clients.    
($517.00 Value)

You Will Receive a Complete Set of Books, Manuals and Support Materials. You Will Receive Training and Support Manuals  for You The Coach and a set of Book, Workbook and Manual for EACH of Your Clients! You will have in writing what to do, say and how to guide your clients every step of the way. You will receive tools, resources, documents, charts, lists and all the support using them.

dr pop secrets of diabetes workbook
dr pop md medicine diabetes 375

BONUS #2: Additional Training Upon Demand
($997.00 Value)

You may re-attend any two subsequent Lifeline Method Certification Programs a full year from the first certification date. Upon demand, you may have one-on-one quarterly conference calls personally with Dr. Pop. You can discuss any aspect of the Lifeline Method for Diabetes Coaching Program


BONUS #3: Twelve Monthly Webinars
($1,797.00 Value)

You will have access and be able to participate in 12 monthly webinars with all the trainers and Lifeline Method Health Coaches like you. You will be able to ask questions, clarify concepts, prevent problems, learn protocols and most importantly receive feedback.

dr pop md medicine diabetes 377

BONUS #4: Marketing Materials and Guidance
($697.00 Value)

You will receive ongoing marketing support and guidance from Dr. Pop. You will receive documents, tools and samples of marketing and advertisement ideas including room set-up sample, speaking introduction sample, press release sample, consulting agreement sample, places to advertise, handout for clients and sample ads.

BONUS #5: Yearlong Customer Support ($1,997.00 Value)

I want you to succeed! I realize that without ongoing support and guidance you don't stand a chance. I am offering yearlong customer support for you and your business. Call me and discuss challenges, cases, logistics, marketing, anything! You receive all the support you need that just doesn't exist out there.

dr pop md medicine diabetes 378
dr pop md medicine diabetes 379

BONUS #6: Success Training
($997.00 Value)

You will receive valuable success training for your business helping you clarify in detail how to set up your prices, how to market nutritional supplements, how to inspire people to action, how to use tools and resources effectively and how to help your clients be successful.

BONUS #7: Discounted Yearly Re-Certification
($1,997.00 Value)

Health Coaches implementing the program will need to re-certify each year in order to be up to date on all levels, refine their skills and perfect their business. Receive 50% off the re-certification price and receive all the benefits, including the patient starter kits as well as all the tools, resources and continued ongoing support.

dr pop md medicine diabetes 380

So... Including ALL of the Above, What Will You Get? 

What Else Will You Receive?

                                      A Two Day Certification Course
  And Lifeline Method Certification (Good for One Year)              $ 3,997.00
Printed Materials and Manual                                                            $ 497.00
                                    Yearlong Customer Support                                                       $ 1,997.00
                                    Additional Training Upon Demand                                                $ 997.00
                                   12 Monthly Webinars                                                                   $ 1,797.00
                                    Marketing Materials                                                                        $ 697.00
                                    Success Training                                                                            $ 997.00
                                    Discount Yearly Re-Certification                                                  $ 1,997.00


                                                               Total Value  $ 12,000       


However, I Realize This Is A Very High Number...  And I Want To Make It Affordable.. So, For A Limited Time Today The Whole Package is.....

Only $2,997

 REMEMBER : You ONLY Need 1-3 Clients To Break Even!


What Will You Receive?

                                      A Two Day Certification Course
                                   And Lifeline Method Certification (Good for One Year)               $ 3,997.00
                                    Printed Materials and Manuals                                                      $ 497.00
                                    Yearlong Customer Support                                                       $ 1,997.00
                                    Additional Training Upon Demand                                                 $ 997.00
                                   12 Monthly Webinars                                                                   $ 1,797.00
                                    Marketing Materials                                                                        $ 697.00
                                    Success Training                                                                            $ 997.00
                                    Discount Yearly Re-Certification                                                  $ 1,997.00

                        Total Value  $ 12,000


However... You Can Have All This For Only $2,997

The Whole One Year Certification Including the Full Two Day Course With All The Tools, Resources and Support Today Only  $2,997

Or Get The Same In Three Installments $1,497 Now and Two Monthly Installments of $1,497






Now $1,497

Then two monthly installments of $1,497