Health Is Nothing More Than A Few Simple Disciplines Practiced Every Day!


Correct Medical Knowledge Changes Everything 

What We Offer

When Nothing Else Works - We Offer Health And Wellness Solutions For The Open-Minded


Great Original Books

New Health Concepts

Surprising New Ideas 


New Health Strategies 

Innovative Products

Laboratory Testing 


Wellness Education

Health Coaching 

Alternative Solutions


For New Directions

Unconventional Ideas

Common Sense Health

Three Ways We're Different and How We Can Help You

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What We Offer

When no health answer seems possible...
And when conventional medicine failed...

We offer un-conventional, little known but highly effective

Get-back-to-health guidance, tools and support

For the open-minded individual!


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What We Do

We design innovative, state-of-the-art wellness programs and personalized treatment programs

We design, construct and execute  health and wellness success plans

We offer step by step strategies to measurable health solutions

We educate, empower and transform


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Why Is This Different 

We filter the essential health information from the non-essential noise

We perceive clearly what others overlook and provide a fresh, simple, clear and practical solutions to a variety of health conditions

We strive to restore the lost common sense, so precious in health care



Too many health options available and all look reasonable to you?


Too much information overwhelm and too little wisdom out there?

Out of Time?

Don't have time to sort through complicated health conditions? 

Together, We Can Turn Your Case Around!

What You'll Learn And Achieve

Private or Group Coaching Success Plans always include personal evaluation, lab testing, a clear plan for success, and weekly coaching calls. You can ask questions and receive answers, advice, and valuable feedback. Discuss your particular milestones, goals and expectations and REINVENT your health!

Something mind blowing

Secret Method

Special blueprint

Three Simple Steps To A New Life 

Our system is so easy to use, you'll be done in 3 quick steps.

Step 1


Choose the condition you want to improve

Step 2


Read the book, make notes, understand what it takes

Step 3


Commit and enroll in your transformation

Dr. Pop’s Secrets of Health

I am Dr. Pop, and can be your guide in complicated medical conditions! 

In healthcare, things have become too complex and confusing, for you to figure it out by yourself in a short amount of time. Without expert help, a wise guide, a step by step plan, and a touch of integrative, functional medicine, unfortunately, you don’t really stand a real chance!

My specialty is addressing the deeper, underlying causes of illness and disease. I strongly believe that everyone deserves to live up to his or her full potential, to live a long, healthy, vibrant life. This does not need to be merely a dream, because with the correct expert guidance, we can create it for ourselves!

It is my conviction that nutritional and lifestyle modalities should be used as first line approaches for any chronic illness and that there is nothing merely complementary or alternative about it. The concept of lifestyle as medicine is the real driving force beneath all aspects of any meaningful health and patient care. Together, we can turn your case around! 

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Let's Work Together

If you have a complicated medical condition and want a fresh, new, more natural perspective get in contact with Dr. Pop today!  When it comes to health and wellness we are the first you should call! We are looking forward to hearing from you. Remember the longer you wait the longer you health suffers.

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