Dr. Pop's Secrets of Diabetes

What Your Doctor Never Told You!


How to Turn Diabetes Around Without Having a Medical Degree? Buy, Read and Find Out!

In this book we tell you straight: What really is diabetes, what can happen to diabetics, how to easily manage diabetes and turn it around.

We tell you what, when, and how to eat, what not to eat or drink, what dietary supplements to take, what works and what does not! We expose the most common myths and false concepts that can derail you from success.

There are no other books like this one, about diabetes, books that are written in clear, simple and practical terms without much science talk or complex medical studies. You can rely on this book to navigate successfully through a jungle of medical misinformation, buried truths, and heavy commercial noise.

This guide book is practical and concise, unlike the many books on the market that only bring more confusion and create more questions.

You can turn diabetes around! How? Buy and read this book! Be informed! Take action!

dr pop secrets of diabetes

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Things To Remember

Warning: This book is FOR TYPE 2 DIABETES ONLY! Individual cases may vary. For difficult, complicated, severe, or unusual cases, please see a competent physician. This book central idea is permanent lifestyle changes! This is not for you if you are not committed to permanent lifestyle changes or looking for the latest gimmick! These ideas are not the standard of care or even the standard of thinking. If you are only seeking typical standard of care or expect standard treatments or suggestions, please DO NOT read this book.