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True Coated Colloidal Silver

The World's Best Coated Colloidal Silver Concentrate

From: Dr. Calin V. Pop, MD
Re: Immune-Boosting Elixir... A Miracle.

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This is what medical doctors call a miracle fluid that will keep you fit and make you stay healthy.

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Discover the Immune-Boosting Elixir the US Army Secretly Slips Into Every Soldier's Backpack...

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Colloidal Silver concentrate is a liquid that is easy to dilute and works on bacteria, viruses and funguses that cause illness & disease. It is a stable but concentrated dispersion of small silver particles (clusters less than ~100 nm) in a liquid (most often water).

Experiments and studies show that silver works well against infectious agents such as viruses, funguses and bacteria. Hundreds and thousands of scientific studies proved solid effectiveness of colloidal and ionic silver against a variety of infectious agents. Silver is used in creams, band aids, topical solutions, however internally they are not used much because of people misunderstandings of how colloidal silver works and what constitutes a true colloidal silver. Safety has been a topic of heated discussion as people inappropriately used non-colloidal silver as colloidal.

Our silver nanoparticles concentrate not only is a TRUE concentrated colloidal silver, but because of a special “Teflon like” coating, it remains fully dispersed even when they are diluted in liquids with very complex compositions. As a result our silver remain the same for extended periods of time, even years.

What We Offer

Actually, the Safest, Most Concentrated True Coated Colloidal Silver on the Market Right Now

It has been specifically designed to give you:


The silver particles do not clump, cluster or cling to tissues. Best and safest colloidal silver for internal use.


Effective but gentle. Has enough power to eradicate some of the most dangerous pathogens known to man.


You can place it in cola, soups, tea and will not chemically react with them. Stays in suspension for years.

Tested and Proven by the US Government in a Department of Defense Medical Study

This outstanding product was invented and perfected at a New York State University laboratory by a PhD chemist with decades of experience in metal nanotechnology.

What does this all mean for you?

This means that there’s no more needing to carry meddling antibiotics that require prescription or expire before you finish using them when travelling, hiking or visiting new, ‘dangerous’ environments or areas.

A simple dose of Colloidal Silver will safely and quickly prevent & cure infections, even life-threatening ones, allowing you to safely travel in places with dirt or low hygiene and not get infected.

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Important: This is a super-concentrate!
Just One Drop in a 1 oz bottle of water gives you more silver than what is sold out there for $19-$29.
There are 86 drops per bottle!

Why You Should Start Using True Coated Colloidal Silver Today... 

✔ Best in The World, Researched, Highest Quality, Stable

✔ Professionally Manufacured in The USA in Most Advanced Laboratory

✔ Best and Safest Silver To Be Ingested

✔ Does NOT affect beneficial bacteria

✔ Gentle non-caustic antimicrobial agent

✔ Does not get trapped in the body

✔ Does not damage or modify cells and tissues

✔ Unmatched Particle Size, Consistency and Stability

The Good News Today You Can Get Your Hands On This...

Introducing "True Coated Colloidal Silver"

Now you too can get your hands on this amazing, out True, Coated Colloidal Silver. The best part is that you can start doing it right now today. There's no waiting and only time is stepping between you and enjoying this piece of world scientific history today. For anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal applications.

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Why Is Our Colloidal Silver The BEST?

In fact, here are some great reasons why our True Colloidal Silver concentrate is your best choice:

It Has the Best & Highest Concentration in The World

Our Silver is 20-25,000 ppm, which means it is really easy & inexpensive to dilute and transport. Nobody else comes close. This is patented technology.

It Has the Best & Highest Particle Uniformity

This makes it reliable; has no clumping and is safer as no trapping in the body occurs.

It Has the Best & Highest Stability in Time

It practically has Unlimited shelf & storage time! May settle 10% or so after many years.

It Has the Best & Highest Stability in Liquids

Can be used in paints, soft drinks, soups, oils, food etc.

Advanced Nano-Technology, Researched and Reliable

You can rest assured you can trust this product for yours & your family’s safety.

It Is the Best in the World, Researched, Highest Quality & Stable Solution

Many hours of expert research & analysis have gone into this product to give you immediate, real, transformative results.

We Hold the Intellectual Property Rights and Trade Secrets

Great lengths have been taken to ensure this Colloidal Silver concentrate is protected & cannot be stolen or copied - meaning that you will be receiving the original, breakthrough formula that cannot be “knocked-off” anywhere else in the world & is proven to work for you.

Very Much Price Competitive

You receive great value and satisfaction for a product in an industry that is largely over-priced & filled with non-factual hype. Price per PPM it may be the cheapest out there.

It is Featured In My New Book: The Truth About Colloidal Silver and Gold

This book will be send to you in pdf format as a bonus when you order our colloidal silver concentrate.


I personally guarantee that you’ve never had anything like True Coated Colloidal Silver. If you don’t feel younger, stronger, more energized, happier and more in control within the next 30 days after using my True Coated Colloidal Silver, simply return it to me, opened as it may be, and owe me nothing. I will give you a full refund, no questions asked, no hard feelings.


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BONUS #4: Dilution Guidelines ($15.00 Value)

This dilution guidelines will allow you to design and make your on custom colloidal silver concentration or PPM.

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Important: This is a super-concentrate!
Just One Drop in a 1 oz bottle of water gives you more silver than what is sold out there for $19-$29.
There are 86 drops per bottle!

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Dr. Calin V. Pop, MD